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The product so popular, you're only allowed to buy one
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In this week's Powder Picks, I give you the tiniest lipstick in the world, the best primer I've tried in years and a palette so popular, there's a rule that each customer is only allowed to buy one.

Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette, £56

If you don’t know who Huda is, then where have you been my friends? She’s an award winning beauty blogger and makeup artist with a massive following, particularly in the Middle East, and a sell-out cosmetics line. Her products incite such hysteria that it has encouraged websites, like CultBeauty, to put restrictions on how many products each customer is allowed to buy. For example, you can only buy one of these Desert Dusk Palettes. Why? Because it’s seriously, seriously good and everyone wants to get their mitts on it. There are mattes, there are shimmers and then there are full-on glitters. People are so obsessed, that they want to bulk buy. I totally get the Desert Dusk feel – the colours are rich and warm and as we move towards Christmas (oh god, I’ve said it and it’s still only September) I am going to be using the Autumnal earthy reds on the reg.

REN Perfect Canvas, £50

I’ve tried primers – ones that are meant to blur, ones that are meant to give me unrivalled glow – but in the end I always skip this step, as my routine is already pretty lengthy. But this primer is so light that it doesn’t feel like a chore. You only need two drops, and use your fingertips to work this into your face after your moisturiser. They weren’t lying about the perfect canvas bit; it does create this veil over the surface of my skin that makes applying my base a dream. It blends beautifully and I don’t have to use as much. If you really can’t be bothered, then you can also add the drops into your moisturiser.

Tom Ford Lip Colour Girls and Boys Collection, £29 each

A good couple of years ago Tom Ford released his Lips & Boys collection: 50 teeny tiny lipsticks named after all of the important men in his life. Whilst he never officially confirmed the namesakes, we can assume that Richard was named after his husband Richard Buckley and Colin for Colin Firth, the lead in his film A Single Man. Now in 2017, he’s introduced 50 gals. Just as cute – when I say that they’re small, I really do mean it. They’re no bigger than a pen lid, which means they are the perfect size for a clutch bag. Take your own guesses on who they’re named after, but I have a pretty big hunch that this stunning nude, called Julianne, is a dedication to his muse Julianne Moore.

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