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If mascara wands could talk
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For those who aren’t as sad and mascara obsessed as us, you may not know that when it comes to mascara (and getting those lashes), it’s as much about the wand as anything else. If you did fall into camp ‘less sad, less obsessive lash shopper’, well, you learnt something new today. So, when you’re considering which one to spend your hard earned cash on, don’t be lured by a pretty tube… Knowledge is power and when faced with a sea of plastic fantastic you need to know how the hell these wands can be 1. Good for you, and 2. Good for your lashes.

And if the wands could do the talking, this is what they’d say…

Fat and fluffy wand

Pick me because... ‘There’s more of me to love and I’m all yours if you want a wide-eyed look.’

Nothing is going to hoik up and lift your lashes like a chunky brush will. Coat the top of the lash and roll up to the tip, as well as the underneath, to lift and widen eyes. Smashbox Full Exposure (the name says it all) has really soft bristles, but man alive does it give you a pair of lashes to rival your favourite falsies. As essential on a hump day as a double espresso.

Comb wand

Pick me because... ‘I lengthen, lengthen, lengthen’

A comb separates lashes so you can coat mascara right around each one to lengthen them. Gently pull as you apply to elongate, and don’t forget about bottom lashes either. 

Sparse bristles wand

Pick me because…‘I give bad-ass volume and never clump’

Wiggle this wand in the roots of your lashes to coat every last one and give them a kick-start. The new Smashbox X-Rated Mascara is killer because of the positioning of the bristles in a tripod (rather than all the way round). In short, this means it won’t flake or smudge and you can layer, layer, layer. The range is called #LASHESWITHOUTLIMITS for a reason.

Ball top wand

Pick me because…‘I’m different, don’t you know. Give me a go and you’ll get full and fluttery lashes. I catch all the strays, I’m kind like that’

We remember when we first clapped eyes on one of these bad boys and couldn’t believe how unusual it was. The point is that the ball can be rolled over lashes to get 360° coverage, and it can catch the smaller lashes too. Some mascaras haven’t gone the full hog but still have the same excellent effect – we like Smashbox's Indecent Exposure (another one from the #LASHESWITHOUTLIMITS range) spiral tip that catches the tiny inner lashes. Very nifty.

Curved wand

Pick me because...‘I have curves in all the right places and give curls like no one else – yeah, all the other wands are jealous’

The curve in the wand is great at gripping round lashes and bending them into a curl. Hold it in your lashes until the mascara is dry (a bit like a curling tong for your hair). If the mascara you already own  hasn’t got the curvy assets, then gently bend the wand (tease it round your mascara bottle and it shouldn’t snap, do not panic).

To get your hands on one of the new Smashbox mascaras from the #LASHESWITHOUTLIMITS range, click right here.

Plus, for your chance in #WIN the whole range (yes, it's ok to love us) click here!

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