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In a week’s time it will officially be Spring, which means you’ll tuck your tights away neatly to the back of your underwear drawer and pack away your winter coats for another season of hibernation. It also inevitably means that with the warmer weather, more skin will be on show and you’ll throw yourself into the art of fake tanning and hair removal. There’s no shortage of products out there – there are whole aisles of Boots dedicated to self tanning – but today sees the launch of a brand that’s doing it a little bit differently, which begs the question, ‘Why has no one thought to do this yet?’

What you need to know:

Founded by Jules Von Hep, who has been the ambassador for some of the best tanning brands in the industry (he created Kate Moss’ insane glow when she posed for St Tropez), Isle of Paradise incorporates colour correcting with tanning technology. His ten years of experience have taught him that everyone’s skin tone is different and no one tan fits all, so his new range reflects this. There’s a peach one for light tans that illuminates dull skin to create a subtle glow, green for a medium tan that counteracts red undertones for a golden finish and violet, which brightens skin and reduces yellowness to give a rich bronzed goddess look. Oh and it's vegan, cruelty free and organic!





What you need to buy:

Self Tanning Drops, £19.95

You can put these beauties into any cream – day moisturiser, night cream or your body cream. The more you put in, the more holiday-ed you’ll look.

Self Tanning Water, £18.99

Saturate your skin in this cooling water and then use a mitt to blend it in. Takes about four to six hours to develop, but let’s be honest it looks even better after a nice long sleep.

Prep It, £13.95

So guess what? This is the first-to-market tanning prep spray. Can you believe that? No one else had thought to do it. This balances out the PH in your skin to make sure you get the best possible tan.

Disco Tan, £14.95

If you don’t have time to wait four to six hours for a tan to develop, Jules has also created an instant tan that you can apply right before you head out the door. He’s such a nice chap isn’t he?

Over It, £17.95

If it all goes wrong or you just need to get fake tan off before applyling a fresh new coat, then this self tan remover will be your new best friend. It’s an exfoliating glycolic micellar water, so you spritz it over old tan before you crack on with the next one. Blank canvas and all that…

And lucky you, it launches today! Just in time for Spring.

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