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Is it healthier to be vegan?
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We throw ourselves into just about anything here at Powder. We’re the lambs to beauty slaughter that have tested everything from hanging upside down from ropes in aerial yoga to acid face peels, so we can tell you whether a it’s worth all the fuss surrounding it.  

One trend we struggle with is the growing ‘fashion’ to be vegan. It’s come a long way from its hippie-come-tree-hugger roots to something more mainstream and relatable. And although we can appreciate why ethically it’s beneficial to the welfare of animals - is it actually good for you to go green?

Here’s what we’re weighing up…

The good

  • Because you’re cutting just about everything out of your diet other than leaves your reduced refined sugar intake will be good for your heart and weight and it’ll reduce your risk of diabetes too.
  • You consume much less saturated fat in plant-based sources of protein than meat, which will increase your chances of being cancer and heart disease free. Winning.
  • Not to mention the fact veganism eliminates all processed food (that microwave lasagna that’s oh so easy but unfortunately riddled with harmful ingredients and artificial chemicals is a goner).
  • There’s also the argument that you’ll look younger from cutting out all of the above as instead you’ll be gorging on vegetables rich in skin clarifying vitamin A and collagen boosting vitamin C.
  • It makes you happier. Vegan diets contain less arachidonic acid (that’s a type of omega to you or I), which can stir a change in the nervous system and be a real mood killer. Bet you’re glad to get rid of that.

The bad

  • You’ll need to take a vitamin B12 (usually predominately found in meat), calcium and iron supplements to keep your strength and energy up.  
  • You’ll have to explain ‘why’ about a million times when everyone you meet takes a fascinated interest in what you had for your dinner, how it made you feel and when they ask you to compare you previous life with your new animal product-free one.
  • We’d suggest avoiding dinner parties altogether – you’ll be every host’s nightmare.
  • Be prepared to scan food labels for fun. Literally everything will be scanned before it goes in your shopping trolley. And restaurants? Forget it. Unless it’s advertised as vegan-friendly which many more are to keep up with the ‘fashion’ or quiz the waitor for the ingredients list before ordering.

What side of the fence are you on? Tweet us for a chat at @thisispowder, we’d love to hear what you think… 

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