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Powder On The Pulse
This Japanese cult mascara is storming the market
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Having snatched a new foundation out of an unsuspecting PR’s paw’s before now, I’ve concluded that the measure of a new product is if it makes a beauty editor compulsive (sometimes aggressive).

In the past, this has included a bizarre giant toothbrush lookalike (which we now know as the Clarissonic face cleansing brush), a certain Naked Palette and HD foundation. All have had us scrabbling – dignity absent – in order to try it.

Currently it’s a new mascara by Japanese cult brand Fairydrops. A magical name for a rather magical product. If you haven’t heard of them yet, they’re a super cute, Japanese kitsch style brand that has seriously impressive innovations we’ve come to expect from the Far East. Intrigued? Well the whole range is awesome but it’s the new Mascara (Fairydrops Scandal Queen Waterproof Mascara) that has us particularly under its spell.

Here’s why:

They’re way ahead of the curve

They’ve included skincare ingredients into mascara (amazing!). Containing hyaluronic acid and Jojoba oil (all of which we’re familiar with seeing in our moisturisers) they hold moisture in the skin, it feeds lashes to grow longer, thicker and stronger but also increased blood circulation towards the lashes too.

We’re bulking

Added collagen is a protein so bulks up lashes to look fuller. Adding mascara is like feeding your lashes with a daily protein shake.

Immediate lift

Protein also gives lashes energy, creating a ‘perming’ effect to lift and curl lashes. To apply, wiggle the curved brush at the roots – you want to deposit most of the mascara here to thicken (anything too heavy on the tips will weigh them down). Then gently pull through to stretch lashes to their limit.

Can we just talk about the aesthetics for a second…

Rose gold, with elegant graffiti – why do the Japanese do design SO much better than us?

 You’ll have to be quick for this one – it’s for a very big fan club.

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