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The Japanese superfood that keeps your skin young
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Here’s a fun fact: only 1% of women are born with ‘supermodel’ features, and yet because this minority of women are splashed across everything, their faces have become ‘normal’. So for the other 99% of us, who are exhausting ourselves striving for a false sense of perfection, here’s a better bet.

Instead of masking your skin niggles, try improving the health of your skin. It’s the easiest way to ensure it empowers your skin to stay younger-looking, longer (remember #strongnotskinny? This is the skin equivalent).

There’s a new superfood on the block that’s got everyone nattering.  And if there’s one thing that has us doing a happy dance (twirls and everything) in the beauty cupboard, it’s the discovery of a new superfood. This one’s found in Okinawa (an island off the coast of Japan), which is one of five ‘blue zones’ in the world (places where life-expectancy is highest). For women here, living for a long (long) time is the norm - we’re talking where getting a hundredth birthday invite is standard. And Okinawa’s secret superfood? The Long Life Herb; a mineral and vitamin-rich coastal plant, that’s got an even higher mineral content than power players such as spinach and kale. Legend has it that for every mouthful you eat, you extend your life by a day.

So since most of us don’t have deep enough pockets to jet half way around the world, bareMinerals has kindly bottled it for us. Their NEW SkinLongevity Vital Power Infusion, a serum essence, £45, is packed with the same Long Life Herb that the Japanese are munching. The clever folk at bareMinerals found it’s made of pretty stern stuff  - on Japanese shores it withstands a beating from the elements, and on your face, it’ll show the same resilience helping to beat off ageing for longer.

We all know the drill, as we age our skin not only loses elasticity and bounce, but also minerals. By replacing these minerals topically with skincare, skin maintains the healthy look of radiance you had in your 20s for longer than it would if you blast it with fillers or smoothing agents. It basically encourages skin to support itself, rather than relying on artificial products to do the glowing for it.

The best way to apply this skincare superfood is to sandwich the SkinLongevity Vital Power Infusion between a mineral cleanser and a moisturiser (a bit like a serum). bareMinerals have also developed some new purifying cleansers that contain mineral rich sea-salts that revitalise every time you cleanse.  After you’ve had a good cleanse and applied the magic essence, lock it in with one of bareMinerals’ new mineral-rich moisturisers -they works like a blanket over skin to deeply replenish skin’s moisture levels.

So in this world filled with 1% super model features and 99% FaceTune features, we’ll join bareMinerals on their skincare revolution. Good skin comes from the right minerals – not Valencia or X-Pro II.

Overheard in the Powder Room: Visit your nearest bareMinerals counter and ask for a complimentary 10-day SkinLongevity sample along with a personalised skincare consultation.

The NEW bareMinerals Skinsorials range is out now! It’s an all-round crowd pleaser with four cleansers, four moisturisers and a modern serum essence to choose from. Sold?

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