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The juice that cures your hangover
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Silly season is in full swing. Tis’ the season to get merry with the people you’ve been emailing from ten feet away all year and then drag yourself through the next day – head hanging in shame. Only this year, we have a magic potion to reverse the damage done at the office Christmas party the night before (well maybe not that rendition of Killing Me Softly at 3 am but at least the pain of it).

It’s all in a juice - not a bacon sarnie. So drop the coffee, this is what you need to drink:

Berries: Booze basically takes a sledge hammer to your immune system. Antioxidant rich berries like blueberries, strawberries or goji berries boost it back up.

Banana: Super rich in potassium it replaces lost nutrients to ease headaches and boosts energy. Excellent when you’re surviving off four hours sleep.

Lemon juice: Super high in vitamin C, which flushes out toxins by reducing liver inflammation. It also alters the pH of your body, making it more alkaline, which eases headaches and nausea.

Coconut water: Alcohol basically chews its way through moisture, sapping your body of everything it’s got (hence the headache and wrinkly skin the next day). Coconut water is super rich in electrolytes, which replace waters and potassium alcohol flushed out.

Ginger: The age old faithful cure for sickness as it stimulates the digestive system (which will take down the post-booze bloat too).

Spoonful of honey: You’ll need it to sweeten this juice up – trust us. Plus when your body has to digest fructose (sugar) it speeds up the process of ridding your body of alcohol so it can start.

Now we’ll leave you solider on through today, recovering just in the nick of time to start all over again tonight. Merry Christmas one and all!

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