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The juice recipe that fights blemishes
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This isn’t a rant about how great green juicing is for your skin (we all know that – we’ve read it a gazillion times). The truth is, most of us don’t have the time to faff about with a blender at 7am just so we can look like we’ve skipped back from a yoga retreat and start spouting ommm every time things get remotely stressful. We’re usually too preoccupied with scrolling Instagram to find out what Gigi Hadid had for breakfast and making sure we haven’t left the house with a label hanging out.

What we will make the time for is something that is guaranteed to help with our acne. After speaking to celebrity facialist Abigail James, she let us in on her secret acne slaying cocktail. Think of this juice as a supplement and when you hear ‘green juice’ we don’t just mean throwing in everything green. We’re talking about targeted ingredients that get right to the problem of adult acne. Every ingredient in this drink has a job to do – and boy are they on their A-game!

Lemon: detoxes the liver, which rids the body of toxins that are upsetting your skin

Cucumber: packed with the biggies; vitamin A and potassium - it has a cooling and calming affect on inflamed angry acne

Fennel seeds: kick-ass anti-inflammatories

Pear: serves no other purpose than to sweeten it up and take the edge off (trust us, you’ll need it!)

Filtered water: free from chemicals – we know it tastes better with fruit juice but that’s packed with sugars that aren’t mates with acne prone skin

Ginger: another winning anti-inflammatory

Spinach: high in skin lovers like B vitamins and antioxidant-rich vitamin E to reduce inflammation but also rich in protein, which gives skin the strength to kick acne where it hurts

Kale: has high chlorophyll content (the stuff that makes it green) that detoxifies and reduces inflammation. Plus it’s another antioxidant king that rids and repairs skin of toxins and scarring

Yeah, it sounds intense. But because there is so much bulk (the kale and spinach in particular) you need to add a lot of water (trust us, this can’t be too thick - it needs to slip down quickly!) so there will be enough to make 2 days worth at a time.

Bottoms up!

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