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Meghan Markle’s facialist comes to the UK
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How many rumours have we heard about Sephora opening up a UK bolthole? We’ve lost count. And so far, no sign of the beauty superstore and its incredible brands. Thankfully, we don’t have to wait any longer to try out one of its bestsellers, because as of today, Kate Somerville (facialist to Meghan Markle) products are available this side of the pond.

Thousands signed up to the waiting list, when the announcement was made last month, and we can tell you that the products are definitely worth the wait.

What you need to know

Somerville is a hands-on clinical facialist, who after working closely with dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons - looking after their patient’s skin pre and post op – opened up her own clinic (in Johnny Depp’s old apartment on Melrose Place) and developed her own skincare line. ‘We aim is to soothe skin with without a prescription,’ she explains. ‘The products are simple, work quickly and effectively and won’t hurt your skin.’

At one point she was the Hollywood facialist, she was doing treatments for the entire Will & Grace cast, as well as the lead actors from Grey’s Anatomy. With their endorsements, everyone wanted a piece of Kate Somerville and the product line grew.

Which leads us, naturally, to these amazing products…

What you need to buy

ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliating Treatment, £72

This is the product Kate, herself, calls ‘the game changer’, because of its instant results. It dissolves dead skin cells, leaving skin a super clean canvas. Keep it in the shower, apply it to skin twice a week for no more than two minutes. As soon as you jump out, you’ll notice the difference to the texture of your skin.

EradiKate Blemish Treatment, £22

We all get spots, even if you have the best skincare routine. We've tried many spot treatments in our time and nothing reduces the size of an angry zit quite like this millennial pink sulphur paste. Let the contents of the bottle settle (you want the pink stuff to separate from the liquid and sink), then dip a cotton bud in all the way to the bottom and apply to the blemish. Leave on overnight. The combination of sulphur, which unclogs pores, BHAs, which reduce the pore size, and Zinc Oxide, a natural mineral that controls oil product, means that what was a big annoying pain in your arse is now simply a small speck that you take no notice of.

DermalQuench Liquid Lift Advanced Wrinkle Treatment, £80

An interesting, but really addictive way of getting much-needed moisture into skin. The patented technology combines hyaluronic acid and oxygen, which help with uneven skin tone, dryness and wrinkle appearance. Spray directly onto the face and massage in, then follow with a moisturiser. It is one of the brands bestsellers, so popular in fact that in one day, it made $6million dollars on QVC.

We don’t think we’ve been this excited about a skincare launch in a while; there are so many other amazing products in this range, we could rattle on about them for days, but instead we implore you go to either katesomerville.co.uk or cultbeauty.co.uk, buy them and tell us what you think on @thisispowder. She’ll be launching more products in Spring (yay) and she announced this morning that at some point in either May or June, London will be graced with a year-long Kate Somerville pop-up, where they’ll be offering her famous treatments. Exciting things to come…

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