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In the beauty world, there are two countries that basically own the skincare market: France - most of the world’s skincare cult classics are by French pharmacy brands - and Korea, whose innovation and ritual are second to none. So, what do you get when you fuse the two in holy matrimony? You get Erborian


If you’re not familiar with the Korean way of doing skincare then here’s the general gist of it. Put very simply, the Koreans brought a whole host of different lotions and potions (think essences and BB creams) over to the West, alongside a different way of approaching the skincare routine. While us Brits are a bit wash-and-go, the Koreans take time over their evening routine, regarding it as an important end-of-day ritual, slowing the pace down before bed. So that’s where the infamous 12-steps of skincare came in.

What Erborian does is combine the gentle and luxurious elements of French pharmacy with South Korea’s scientific innovation and ingredients. The aim? Flawless, glowing skin (as always). If you’re a newbie to K-beauty (which is what those in the know call it) and you want to try formulas that really boost skin’s health, then Erborian is your first port of call. Really, it offers what many other western brands just can’t… or don’t. Yet. 


1 x 12 step routine = millions of products. Erborian isn’t necessarily advocating this though. It’s a lot. It takes time. And we all have lives. So you can pick and choose different elements that work for you. 


Bamboo Waterlock Hydro Plumping Mask, £44 – Skin is at its worst when it’s dry so keeping it hydrated is essential to a healthy glow. Erborian’s is a cool jelly, which is a lifesaver if you’ve been in the sun or your skin is red and irritated. It’s got bamboo sap in it obviously, which is mineral and amino acid-rich to hydrate and fortify the skin. This is especially good if you’re oily as it’s water based and very lightweight.

Bamboo Splash, £29 – Another favourite from the Bamboo family, I keep this on my desk for a refresh when I’m tired or get that tight face feeling come 3pm. And if you’re a Beauty Blender advocate, spritz this on pre-blend for the ultimate dewy finish.

BB Flash Essence, £49 – Glowy skin in a bottle. It’s a serum, not an essence, as the name would suggest and it has a kind of pearlescent tint, which washes over skin leaving a really imperceptible glow. Aside from the immediate effects, it also promises to boost collagen production (for fuller skin) and stimulate cell regeneration (for healthier skin). Thumbs up from me.

CC Crème, £17 – The one that pretty much no online retailer can keep in stock, this is a CC with all the trimmings. When you squeeze it out, it looks almost grey, but upon blending it adapts to your skin colour and makes every last millimeter of face look insane. A little also goes a long way so it’ll last ages.

Glow Crème, £37 – And, if you’re not ready to forgo your trusty foundation yet, this Glow Crème is an absolute must.  Use as a base or blend a couple of drops in and you’ll notice your face reflects light in all the right places A.K.A. subtle highlighter without the faff. I’m also using mine on my collarbones and shoulders in the summer – it makes limbs look lustrous. 


All over the place. Their website, Space NKSelfridgesHouse of Fraser… and the list goes on. 

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