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It’s been said the Koreans are about 10 years ahead of us in the beauty game (they were using BB and CC creams when we still thought over-plucked eyebrows were cool – imagine what they’re coming up with now…).
As we’re scrabbling to keep up, a good place to start is with sheet masks. You’ve probably seen these bad boys knocking around on Instagram (have a look at #sheetmaskselfie) and as a stage in that 10-step Korean skin care routine.
They often take the form of a jelly sheet that is pre-cut into a face shape (with holes for your eyes, nostrils and mouth, thank God, so that you can still see/ breathe) and soaked in a concoction of ingredients. As they act as a second skin, they really infuse your actual skin with goodness at a much deeper level. They’re actually less messy than regular face masks too. All you do is pop one on for 20 minutes, remove it and then massagethe excess into your face and Bob’s your uncle – no need to wash it off!
They are best for these four concerns and here’s how they work…
Firming: Just like that supportive sports bra – sheet masks can help to stop things from drooping and keep everything where it should be. They’re often supercharged with ingredients to help lift and plump your skin pronto. Don’t throw out the leftover serum in the sachet – slather it on your neck and décolletage to give them a boost too. A favourite of ours is Starskin’s Close Up Firming Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask, which is drenched in proteins that strengthen the skin to help firm things up.
Balancing: When your skin’s being a right diva you can count on sheet masks to soothe the situation. They calm down even the most badass blemishes and inflammation to leave things looking calm and collected once more. Oh, and they work a treat on shrinking pores too.
Brightening: Sheet masks are notorious for flooding lackluster skin with goodness to give it back some sparkle and even out dark spots for a flawless complexion. They’re like the Lark Instagram filter for your face – but in real life. A good one that we’ve tried is the Starskin After Party Brightening Second Skin Mask – the perfect companion to a hangover (it's extra refreshing if you pop it in the fridge for 10 minutes before you use it – heaven) paired with a bacon sandwich.
Dry skins will love a sheet mask and they’re great at prepping your face to help you achieve a flawless make-up application. They infuse your skin with more moisture, radiance and more all-round glowiness than you can shake a make-up brush at. You’ll be batting off compliments all day.

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