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The lazy way to detox
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Nothing makes us want to roll our eyes more than a size 0, skinny bitch coming up to us saying ‘I’m detoxing at the moment’. Sorry, what? Are you? Are you planning on disappearing? Grr.

In fact, detoxing has just got a bit of a bad rep - it’s not just a mechanism for yoga bunnies to loose weight and gloat. If you’re feeling more tired than normal, you’re all partied out or just enjoyed a few too many cocktails in the last couple of weeks, it is an easy way to perk yourself up.

But you don’t have to spend hours blending fruit to reap the benefits of it. We’ve got the lazy way to detox that won’t cost a fortune and require you to give up days of your life.

1. Skip the morning coffee

No we aren’t trying to kill you. Caffeine might get you going but you’ll come crashing down in a couple of hours. This jolt of energy will later push you into carboside. And we all know there’s no way back from that…

Try sipping a green tea instead and don’t look too miserable about it. It’s packed with antioxidants, so rids the body of toxins and other nasties.

2. Just add a few supplements

Milk thistle is key to kick-starting a detox after one too many spritzers. “It’s a herbal remedy that neutralises toxins from alcohol in the liver and helps to boost your body’s own protection against ageing free radicals and sluggish digestion,” says Naturopath, Dr Nigma Talib. We're fans of The Organic Pharmacy’s Milk Thistle Tincture, £10.50 for 50ml or Holland and Barrett’s Milk Thistle Capsules, £16.99 for 50 capsules. Note here, they don’t cancel out a glass of wine (although anyone who wants to invent a tablet that does please do – and hurry!). You need to lay off the vino whilst taking them to reap the benefits.

3. Head down to the spa

You will literally just have to lie down. Go for a body wrap as they rev up your body’s own toxin elimination processes. Most are followed up by a deep massage, to really wake up sluggish circulation. If you’ve got more important things to pay for, just throw a fist full of Epsom salts into your bath. They will stimulate your lymphatic drainage system to de-puff.

4. Add a mask into your regime

Mud or clay masks are the best. They suck out all the nasties to rebalance stressed out, tired skin - perfect for faking a solid eight hours of sleep the morning after the night before.

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