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An LED facial? Find out what the fuss is about
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Heard about LED facials and wondering what all the fuss is about? So were we. Intrigued by the supersonic benefits that they claim, the Powder team trotted down to the Mondrian Hotel in London to try out the Neo Elegance Illumination Mask with facialist Kate Kerr to find out for ourselves.

If you are imagining yourself with flashing disco lights on your skin, you aren’t far off. The Neo Elegance Illumination mask is fitted with LED bulbs that emit different coloured light waves depending on your skin concern. Blue for acne and breakouts and red for all ageing related concerns




For my skin, I was recommended blue light as I have a few niggling spot prone areas. Far from a gimmick, blue LED light works by killing off bacteria in the bottom of pores before they get a bit rowdy and multiply into a mount Vesuvius. It will also take down the inflammation of existing spots by disinfecting.

Here’s how the treatment goes:

First up, a mini quiz (the prize being great skin which beats the plastic yoyo or mini rubix cube). After filling out all of your skin concerns, Kate examines your skin. She only had to take a glance to clock that I was a spot picker (guilty) and gave me a telling off – squeezing my spots was only pushing the bacteria further in, making them linger for longer and leaving behind scars that take weeks to fade. Woops.

After thoroughly analyzing and cleansing my skin, Kate got started on extracting my clogged pores (yes, this is exactly what you think – by squeezing them). This hurts. But there’s nothing quite as satisfying as having all your gunk and blackheads cleared out by a pro. Side note – please don’t try this at home. Kate is specifically trained and has all the sterile equipment to hand. After that, a sulphur mask was applied to purify my now-extracted pores.

Once all my pores were spring cleaned, it was time to pop on the LED mask. You kind of look like a luminous blue Darth Vader, but this makes for a great selfie opportunity.  It was left on for 20 minutes as the final step to calm down the extracted pores while killing off any acne-inducing bacteria left at the bottom of pores.





The results:

Breakouts are usually inevitable after a facial, but I didn’t have any after this one. I also noticed that my usual cystic-type spots had disappeared from my chin and the several bumps on my cheeks had miraculously vanished. Even for a good week later, my skin was much clearer and brighter – other than the one odd spot on my chin, but I’m putting that one down to hormones. All in all – a big thumbs up. This treatment would be perfect to have a couple of days before a big event if you know your skin can’t be trusted to behave itself – which is most of us, right?

For the Neo Elegance Illumination Mask check out www.neoelegance.co.uk for prices and treatments. Kate’s treatments, which include the Neo Elegance Illumination Mask start from £145.

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