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Unless you’ve got some serious resilience to the cold, then you would have had your legs buried under a pair of 50 deniers for the past six months. Yes we know, there was plenty of fitness advice three months ago to get pins looking perky but naturally we ignored that for a cosy time on the sofa (with a hot chocolate) so now with the temperatures reaching 30°C we’re getting desperate!

Apart from the obvious quick fixes (exfoliating, moisturising – all of the usuals) there is leg make-up, which is basically what it sounds like – make-up for your legs. Like a foundation over imperfections, it blurs all the nasties to perfect your pins by making them look more even and streamlined. Legs look like you’re wearing a pair of liquid stockings giving you instant confidence.

So whether you’ve got blotches, thread veins, light patches, dark patches or every colour spectrum in between, a little coverage on your pins will disguise everything.

Here's our pick of the best.

Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Makeup, £9.99

This is brilliant stuff, although it can be a little drying. We mix it with a bit of moisturiser and then apply and really rub it in. We went a shade darker to get a little colour on our legs but the shades do come up quite dark so don’t go too crazy.

Bliss Hide & Glow Sleek, £30

Slightly pricier but this doesn’t just disguise cellulite, it’s packed full of amino acids that stimulate collagen (the padding that perks skin up). It’s basically a spray highlighter. Super stuff.

MAC Face and Body, £21.50

It’s an A-list secret that everyone knows about. It sounds high maintenance but you just rub it over your legs as you would a moisturiser, then touch up any imperfections. You have to let this really dry to avoid it rubbing off on clothing but it stayed put all day (probably best avoid white though just to be safe).

Caudalie Divine Legs, £26

We know Beauty Editors everywhere bang on about this the minute summer hits, but you can use  it year round as it blends with your exact skin tone to give a luminous glow. It feels like a moisturiser on skin – not at all sticky and it dries within seconds.

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