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Life changing product alert!
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As I was charging through Waterloo Station on a Tuesday evening after work, I didn’t expect my mundane commute to be something that would turn out to be, quite frankly, life changing. Anyone who has experienced a London Tube station will find this somewhat hard to believe. What could possibly be so transformative about a place that’s crawling with grumpy city slickers, is filthy and smells of a bewitching blend of McDonald’s deep fat fryers, public loos and BO?

Well, obviously it’s not the place itself that turned out to be so revolutionary but what was in it on that corker of a Tuesday evening. As I stepped off the escalator and headed towards platform 9, I passed a woman handing out free products and, naturally, I pocketed one (who wouldn’t? It was free!). It was only when I was half way through my journey to Guildford that I remembered what was in my bag and took a closer look.

‘So, what was said product?’ I here you cry. Well, it was a pack of Simple face wipes. What? I can feel your disappointment mounting. Stay with me, I can explain myself.

Face wipes have got a bit of a bad rep of late. No one trusts them to do their cleansing job properly. Rather they’re accused of just smearing the dirt and makeup all over the skin rather than removing it. Even the physical action of wiping the face is deemed damaging as it can tug at fragile skin and reduce its elasticity and bounce.

So what’s so special about these ones? Forgive me for sounding like a certain supermarket advert but, they’re not just a cleansing wipe, they’re a mineral rich, triple-purified, water-charged marvel. I became obsessed with after one use. Soaked in the French pharmacy favourite - micellar water, which uses tiny particles to draw impurities and oil out of the skin.

Eager to try, I swiped the wipe across my forehead, took one look at the make-up covered cloth and fresh face where my foundation has simply melted off my face and literally gasped. A couple of very satisfying wipes later and my skin has never looked fresher.

I mean, micellar water has been a favourite of mine for a while, but all in one soaked wipe, it couldn’t be simpler (no pun intended). Not bad for your average commute home. What other treats do you have in store for us dear Waterloo?

Simple Kind to Skin Micellar Cleansing Wipes, £3.99 are available nationwide from July 2015

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