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The lipstick tip that changed everything
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Since lipsticks have been knocking about for several hundred years, you’d think we’d have heard just about every tip going, but every so often we hear of something new that moves the lipstick goal posts. So dust off your lip-liners, ladies – this one is a winner.

For most of us, dear old lip liner will be festering in the bottom of our make-up bag along with three clumpy mascaras we’ve held on to (for no reason), a half used eye shadow palette (one shade used to death and the others completely untouched) and several once-used blushers. Not any more – it’s time for the lip liner to sit up top with your favourite foundation and bronzer. 

Before you go anywhere near lips, start with your base. Primers (like the Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch Primer) are key for creating a smooth surface so your make-up sits evenly. Then apply your foundation, warming it in your hands first so that it melts over skin. Next up, sculpt your cheekbones in a ‘3’ shape using a bronzer – starting at the temples and coming in under the cheekbones, then round along the jaw line.

Now the real fun starts and we’re back to the point – the lips! First up is the prep step. Always prime first  (don’t skip this!) so the colour doesn’t crack throughout the day – the Clarins Instant Light Lip Perfecting Base is a goodie for smoothing and giving lipstick something to grip hold of.

Then, instead of putting lip liner on first, rip up the rulebook and do it after your lipstick (yes, this will take as much getting used to as when they told us to put conditioner on before shampoo. Chaos). The Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick is a Powder favourite as it feels more like a moisturising balm and won’t crack after an hour. Applying lip-liner on top of lipstick makes it easier to blend in and contain your colour. And as a final bonus, when your lipstick fades it will all fade nicely together - rather than leaving a ring around your lips.

And pout.

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