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Liquid liner made simple
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What is it about eyeliner that turns our usually put together selves into beauty morons? As soon as we pick one up our hands suddenly start shaking and turn cack-handed and then we start pulling faces even Cara D would be proud of.  Although we’ll admit it’s easy to have a tantrum and start throwing the blighters, the need for mastering the fiddly thing becomes an absolute necessity when you spot someone else rocking it.

Who are these genetic beauty anomalies that can master two perfectly symmetrical flicks? Every time we see one we want to give them a congratulatory handshake and then grill them on how they achieved something so seemingly impossible. Both of these things would probably get us arrested, so instead we’ve turned to A-list make-up artist and Max Factor Ambassador Caroline Barnes to share her secrets.

We will conquer this!

1. Start by using a little foundation and powder over the lids to create a smooth, even base that will help the product glide more easily over the skin (it’s very important to get one swiping movement – anything jarring causes huge wobbles). Now snuggle a kohl line as close to the lashes as possible. Wiggle it in so there are no gaps of skin between the root and the lid.

2. Use a soft kohl pencil to faintly trace the initial shape making sure you sharpen your pencil first for pin-point precision. It’s like using a pencil before your fountain pen – it acts as the perfect template.

3. Now for the liquid part. Stretch your eyelid outwards and upwards and point the brush (if you’re using a gel eyeliner) or nib of the eyeliner pen right into the bed of your lashes, rather than going straight for it. Better to start small and then build it up to something thicker.

4. Don't worry about matching the eyeliner on each eye exactly – it’s all about creating a line that flatters your eye shape as your eyes are sisters rather than twins so you’ll never get a perfect match – it’s about mastering the illusion. As long as you make sure the length is the same, nobody will notice. Measure where you want each line to stop and put a dot there. When you flick you can use that as a finishing point.

5. Keep the line thin on the inner corners of your eyes and increase the width as you go. It’ll look much more flattering. It’s also worth remembering that the smaller the lid, the finer your line should be so big, wide eyes can carry thicker lines.

6. Use a second mirror to see how the liner looks from the side, (or take a selfie!) as checking your profile can really help you get the best shape.

Now, let’s practice (a lot!).

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