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A lipstick that won't move no matter what's thrown at it
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Common lipstick issues go as follows: gets on your teeth, makes lips feel like sandpaper, needs reapplying every two minutes... the list goes on. But imagine if there was a formula that went against all that and really did stay put for the length of time it’s meant to; gamechanger? Yep.

Well luckily for all of our lips, Nars’ new – and first – liquid lipstick earns first place on each and every lipstick podium. Unlike lots of other liquid formulas, it feels a lot more watery to apply, though dries down - and with full, glorious colour – almost immediately. When they say it’s their ‘most powerful matte yet’, they really do mean it. This doesn’t budge for love nor money when it’s on, but simultaneously doesn’t feel drying or chalky on lips, which is the usual price to pay for lipstick that actually lasts.

The applicator, which is a thinner more cylindrical shape than you’d be used to on a gloss applicator, makes it great for applying on the go because it’s thin, so following the lines of the lips is that little bit easier. It’s almost baffling this shape hasn’t been created sooner.

And then there’s the array of 20 shades, which range from vivid orange reds to nudes and even black if you’re feeling the goth look. And when each is named after classic songs of the 70s and 80s (Don’t Stop, London Calling, Rock With You, Paint it Black) they feel just that little bit cooler. They’re out today at Selfridges so get them while you can. 

And for your eyes, mascara will do... 

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