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Louboutin eye makeup is here
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Guys, get excited Christian Louboutin now does eye makeup! *Cue massive applause* Yep, they’ve nailed the lip and nail categories, but as of today you can now buy Louboutin mascara, eyeliner and brow products.

Here’s a quick run through of what’s on offer:

Les Yeux Noirs – Lash Amplifying Lacquer Mascara

This is a beast of a mascara. And by beast we mean heavy – it’s not exactly handbag-friendly. But it more than makes up for it with its slick formula and brush. It coats every lash, even the teeny tiny ones you didn’t even know you had, and creates the flutteriest of lashes. Plus have you seen it? It’s quite possibly the most beautiful mascara we’ve ever clapped eyes on. Oh and comes in an inky black and rich burgundy.

Oeil Vinyle – Luminous Ink Liner

If you know Louboutin beauty, then you’ll recognise the packaging of this one. The bottles looks similar to the collection’s nail lacquers. The payoff of this liquid eyeliner isn’t far off either. They’re inspired by patent leather, so when you glide them across your lid, you get great pigment that dries down with a beautiful sheen – a bit like nail polish. There’s even one in Rouge Louboutin – it’s fiery red. Not for the shy.

Brow Definer

Whilst this may not be the most exciting product in the collection, it’s still really great. The best thing about them is the shade range - they come in blonde, brunette, auburn and taupe. It glides on nicely and isn’t too waxy so that it leaves your brows looking wet. And it comes with a spoolie, which in our opinion is vital for brow defining.

Oeil Velours – Velvet Eye Definer

Yes these pencil eyeliners come in the most beautiful colours – hello iridescent plum, bonjour rich peacock blue – and yes the formula sticks to your lids like it’s life depends on it - no budging for hours. But guys, the most wonderful thing about these eyeliners is that each one comes with the chicest Christian Louboutin pencil sharpener. Buy all five eyeliners and give the sharpeners as gifts to friends. They’ll love you for it.

Can’t afford the shoes? Now you don’t have to spend over £400 for a piece of Louboutin. Go forth and shop!

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