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The make-up hacks that will save you time
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Anything that promises an extra round with the snooze button and a few extra winks to help us get some more much-needed beauty sleep gets our undivided attention.  

The reality is most of us have on average about 10 measly minutes every morning to nail our make-up application, usually in-between juggling a caffeine hit and furiously what’sapping. So instead of agonising over eye liner flicks, getting flawless skin and perfect lip lines – we’ve got the secrets from Marie Schmid, Clarins Head of Training to let us in on her time-saving beauty hacks.

DO go shopping and invest time buying the right shade of foundation. Finding ‘the one’ will make your day to day so much quicker when it blends seamlessly rather than trying to lighten foundation with powder or warm it up with bronzer. ‘Selecting foundation to match the skin tone, skin pigment and the finish that you are after is best so that it looks like you – only better,’ explains Schmid.

DO spend most of your time on your face. ‘Starting with a good base helps to enhance any other make-up that you apply afterwards so it’s super important to focus your time you have got in this direction.’

DO Use multi-tasking products. It sounds like an obvious one, but products like BB creams combine 3 products in one application (the Clarins BB Cream is a Powder favourite for being able to both moisturise, cover and give more glow than Adriana Lima (Her legs would be nice too. We can dream). 

DO use fingertips rather than faffing about with brushes. ‘Rather than trying to find the right bush for the job, fingers can be used for any make-up item and are much easier to control application when you’re in a rush.’

DON’T bother spending too much time on your lips. Instead, ‘choose a texture or product you can quickly sweep over the lips when you’re walking out of the door.’

DON’T try to do everything. Focus on one area of the face (probably eyes). One thing done well is better than a half heartedly doing it all. For example, ‘eyes can change the whole look of your make-up - opening, brightening, making them pop, not to mention making them appear bigger and bolder to define and lift your face.  It is also the area of the face people look at when giving eye contact. So if you want a statement, make it the eyes.’

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