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Make-up looks that’ll score you a date
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If your Valentines day plans currently consist of nursing a glass (ahem bottle) of wine and leaving tragic voicemails to your ex despite the fact he’s engaged to Miss Polly Perfect (God love a cliché), then read on…

It’s time to get back on saddle- here’s what should be going on your face to score a date and avoid all of the above.  

Glowy skin

Who doesn’t love someone who looks like the picture of health? Start with a hydrating face mask (anything with hyaluronic acid will give it a shot of dewyness pronto) and then follow up with a brightening primer. Eve Lom Flawless Radiance Primer is loaded with anti-oxidants, which rid skin of toxins (the things that make you look sallow and tired) – excellent on exhausted skin. Then apply a really light foundation or Bb cream and top up with a little highlighter on the parts of the face light would naturally hit - bridge of nose, centre of forehead, tops of cheekbones and on your Cupid's bow (this one is the most Important - it'll draw gaze to your lips). 

Sultry smoky eyes

Ah smoky eyes – forever a date night fail-safe. Pair it back with white eyeliner in your waterline to brighten eyes and stop make-up looking too heavy. Also don’t be afraid of colour. Navy makes a flattering alternative for blondes and a deep purple pops for brunettes. Coppery or gold tones are cracking if you’re terrified of eye make-up but want a little something special. Finally, go to town with mascara. Start experimenting now to get your practice in before the 14th.  

Naturally plump lips

Apparently red lips are off putting and look too intimidating (their words not ours!). Naturally plump, kissable lips are the ideal. Opt for a lip plumper like Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker (ignore the name – this is anything but a gimmick) in a pink shade.  You’ll feel a tingle but it definitely gives a fuller pout. 

Gentle flush

Looking like your blushing (in a cute way, not bright red way) is v. pretty. Cream blushers are the most natural and easiest to blend. Warm the product in your fingers (this helps it melt into skin) and then tab into the apples of your cheeks and over lips.

You can thank us later. You know, the morning after.

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