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The make-up trick that makes you look younger
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We would like to look 10 years younger, have cheekbones like Moss, a body like Lima and have a golden goose that lays magic eggs. Not too much to ask for, is it?

Apparently not (well at least for two of the above – we’re still waiting for a call back from Willy Wonka’s people). Enter ‘draping’ – the new kid on the block that has eclipsed contouring as our favourite sculpting make-up technique. ‘It is essentially using color to enhance the face (rather than heavy contouring that uses flat browns or grey) for a more fresh and youthful glow,’ explains Gilbert Soliz, Marc Jacobs Global Make-up Artist.

Whilst draping suits every face shape (Gilbert assures us, ‘it works with all shapes and angles of the face, not against them’) the darker your skin is, the bolder the blush can be. For lighter skin tones, pink and peach flushes look the most natural. 

When going for the drape, one of the products that flies to the top of our list is the new Marc Jacobs Airbrush Soft Glow Duo - perfect for draping as it has a combination of two shades in the palette, to get you that believable finish. Depending on what look you want, draping is broken down in four techniques:

1. Lifting glow (knock a decade off your age and that’s what you’ll look like) 

The tool: Marc Jacobs Airblush Soft Glow Duo in ‘Kink & Kisses’ – a flattering peachy pink. 

The tip: To get a lifted look, mix both shades together with a blusher brush then blend along the length of your cheekbones. Also blend along your jaw line to give it some structure and down the sides of your neck. Finish by swirling your blush on the apples of your cheeks to add a soft flush.

2. Sculpting glow (this is how we are cheating Moss’s bone structure)

The tool: Marc Jacobs Airblush Soft Glow Duo in ‘Flesh & Fantasy’ – a slightly deeper shade.

The tip: Using the top of your ear as a guide, brush the deeper shade of blusher just under your cheekbones towards the outer corner of your mouth. Then buff blusher into the perimeter of your forehead and along from your jawline to your chin for added dimension. Use the lighter blush on the top of cheek bones to highlight. Finish by swirling both of the blushers together with either your fingers or a smaller brush and buff in circular motions over the bridge of your nose, forehead and cupids bow, for a soft all-over glow.

3. Volumising glow (think fillers without surgery)

The tool: Marc Jacobs Airblush Soft Glow Duo in ‘Lines & Last Night’ – a super peachy that’ll give you a healthy glow. 

The tip: Swirl your brush in the palette to blend the shades together then do your cheesiest grin and buff it into the apples of your cheeks to mimic fullness. Finish by using just the lighter shade around the apples of your cheeks to add depth to the colour and along your chin for a subtle glow.

4.  Balancing glow (for a polish, pulled together look)

The tool: Marc Jacobs Airblush Soft Glow Duo in ‘Night Fever & Hot Stuff’ – the colour for a deep, expensive flush.

The tip: Use the darker shade under cheekbones and then drape the high points of your cheekbones in the lighter shade to create a gradient of colour. Finish off by brushing over the chin and collar bones for a sculpted, ‘made-an-effort’ look. Excellent for the office or if you have less than five minutes to complete your whole beauty regime. 

Hands up if you can’t wait to try it? That’s everyone then… 

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