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Make-up to wear at the gym
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Whilst we don’t recommend wearing a full face of makeup, lashes and all, when you’re in a HIIT class, we understand those of you who feel they need a little bit of coverage even on the treadmill. Or for those of you who try to fit in a 30 minutes gym sesh in your lunch break. We get it. We also know that not all day-to-day makeup can handle the pressure.

You want a foundation that doesn’t slip and slide when you’re in your downward facing dog. You need your brows to stay intact when you’re doing a plie in barre class. And you 100% don’t want mascara marks half way down your face after 15 minutes of rowing in between meetings.

Thank goodness then for brands like Wunder2 and SportFX, who have created sweat proof makeup for girls on the go. Even mainstream brands like, Tom Ford, have tapped into the need for waterproof cosmetics. Hooray! Here’s our list of the best makeup to wear in the gym:

The best foundation to wear at the gym:

If you’re gonna wear a foundation to the gym, then it might as well be Tom Ford. Their latest foundation conceals flaws, so if you want to mask any blemishes or dark circles even when you’re working out then this is the best foundation to wear in the gym. It’s been developed to withstand heat, humidity and water. Win.

The best concealer to wear at the gym:

If you struggle to get out of bed before 8am, even for work let alone the gym then this is where you can stop reading. If you’re up at 5am to get to a HIIT class, before you run into the office, then we suggest investing in SportFX’s Core Cream Concealer. Not only is it sweat proof and long lasting, it’s a bloody good concealer that will mask the darkest of circles.

The best mascara to wear at the gym:

Whether you’re swimming, sweating profusely on the treadmill or showing the boxing bag who’s boss, it’s important that your lashes look en fleek. Whilst a smoky eye isn’t traditionally a beauty look to sport in the gym, Eyeko’s Sport Waterproof Mascara will give you a fluttery finish that won’t shift during your workout.

The best brow product to wear at the gym:

Wunder2 is a brand that was developed because the makers realized that women were busier and more active than ever and needed cosmetics to fit into that lifestyle.  Their products were created to last from morning until evening – even at the gym. So before your next Bikram Yoga class, fill your brows in using their WunderBrow Eyebrow Gel and they’ll look exactly the same at the end of the class after an hour of sweaty stretching.

The best lipstick to wear at the gym:

Picture this, you’ve got forty minutes until your next meeting, but your gym is in the basement, so you quickly pull on your gym kit and go do some free weights. You won’t have time to redo your makeup, so you need a lipstick that’ll last for the next couple of hours. Armani Beauty’s heavenly Lip Magnet liquid lipsticks give a slick matte look, but the clever thing about these is that once the product eventually rubs off, it’s actually stained your lips, meaning the colour lasts. 

So go forth, sweat and save face.

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