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Toot toot! The March box is here!
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It’s that time again people. The Monthly Subscriber Beauty Drawer is here. Try and contain yourselves – we appreciate you are probably experiencing excitement, usually reserved for high days and holidays. Cleanse, oil, hydrate, cleanse again – it’s all here. Everything you need to look and feel glorious.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Boost Cleanser

This full sized cleanser is what your skin regime has been calling out for (so thank GOD we listened…) Its lightweight gel formula works wonders at ridding your skin of the day's dirt. And thanks to the Hyaluronic Acid inside, it hydrates and nourishes, locking in the good stuff.

POW_ER TIP: If we’ve told you once we’ve told you a million times – DOUBLE CLEANSE FRIENDS. This power product is your first step – work into damp skin, then rinse with warm water and a muslin cloth. This is basic, but essential stuff.

Bee Good Honey & Propolis 2-In-1 Cream Cleanser

This Cream Cleanser could not BEE any better. (SORRY.) Made by those busy British bees, their super-moisturising flower honey is antimicrobial and won’t strip away your natural oils meaning it’s the perfect solution for sensitive skin. Propolis has antibacterial qualities which is a saviour for acne sufferers too. Dreams.

POW_ER TIP: This is the second, but no less important player in the cleansing game. Make sure you include your neck when massaging, as it’s really just an extension of your face…

Roger & Gallet Lait Repulpant Fleur de Figuier

A midday reapplication of body lotion is really only a reality for freelancers or students. For the rest of us a moisturiser that keeps us hydrated for the full day is important. Enter Roger & Gallet. With all day nourishing and hydrating ingredients, Fleur de Figuier (that’s Flower of Fig to you and me) is a game changer. Fig extract works wonders on the complexion; with high amounts of our old friend vitamin C, the formulation keeps our skin supple all day.

POW_ER TIP: The fragrance is punchy, but delicious (warning, do NOT eat) so use sparingly.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lip Colour When it comes to lip colour, this one is all that matte(rs). Lol - see what we did there?! For the times when a glossy lip is just too much (think board meetings or your wedding day) a matte sheen is what you need. This shade is a ‘one size fits all’ and will become a firm fave in your kit.

POW_ER TIP: Lightly work a damp toothbrush over your dry lips before applying to ensure a smooth and long lasting look.

Popband London Hair Band

Move over scrunchies, there’s a new hair-tie in town. These bands are cleverly designed to ensure a snag free up-do and absolutely no kinks when you take it out.

POW_ER TIP: When that annoying friend asks to borrow a hair tie and promises to return it, just say you don’t have one. Popbands masquerade as trendy arm candy so they’ll never know you’re lying.

NUXE Precious Scented Shower Oil

What do you want from your shower oil? Cleansing? Tick. Shimmering? Tick. Satin Finish and scent so divine you’ll forget you’re a mere mortal and believe yourself to be the goddess you always knew you were? Tick and Tick. Add this to your shower routine and wait to be elevated to celestial realms of relaxation.

POW_ER TIP: Chuck it in your gym bag, hand luggage, boyfriend’s bathroom – never be without it.

Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Mask

If we said you can transform your face in 15 minutes, would you believe us? So a total transformation might be a little exaggeration, but bear with us. This sheet mask uses next gen (yeah that’s right – NEXT GEN) 3D hyaluronic acid to penetrate your skin with all important hydration to leave you looking your absolute best. So as close to a new you as possible.

POW_ER TIP: Make sure you massage any extra serum into your face and neck.

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