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Right I need to admit something before I continue with this piece: I am completely and utterly obsessed with the Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. I have been since I was eleven years old when I use to buy every movie they were in and copy their outfits as best I could. When they wore stupidly thin scarves on top of vests in ‘Getting There’ I tracked down a stupidly thin scarf and wore it proudly. I am now nearing 30 and none of this has changed. Whilst they don’t star in movies anymore (probably for the best, let’s be honest) I still have images of them on my wardrobe-inspo Pinterest board. Therefore, this is going to be an entirely biased story, as they could launch a range of dog food and I would think it was a genius career decision.

So imagine my face when I found out that their Elizabeth & James Nirvana fragrances were coming to the UK?!  Since their original launch in 2013, exclusively with Sephora, I had been waiting patiently. And then last year, six fragrances crossed the Atlantic and came to the UK. Hooray!

The fragrances

Nirvana Black and Nirvana White were the originals – they represented the masculine and feminine sides of the brand. Nirvana Black is deep woody scent, whilst Nirvana White is a light musk. Nirvana Rose, a dark flower fragrance, and Nirvana Bourbon, a spicy vanilla scent, came next. And then finally, the pure floral bouquet of Nirvana French Grey and the smokey aroma of Nirvana Amethyst. Each one is wearable and sophisticated. These are not your typical celebrity fragrances - sweet and generic - they are well thought out and desirable. The bottles are inspired by vintage pieces of art deco glass owned by the sisters and make any bathroom look infinitely better.

And if that wasn’t exciting enough…

The brand has launched dry shampoos, perfume oils, rollerballs and solid perfumes. The solid perfume has to be one of the most stunning products I’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s weighty, so feels super luxe, and there’s something rather fabulous about applying scent from a compact.

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