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Skin Notes
Micellar water: why you need it
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We’ve all been guilty of hopping into bed with our make-up still on – but the bathroom just feels too far, right? Once can’t hurt surely? Well no technically it can’t but you might end up with a few spots or creases the next morning. The reason being is because when you sleep, your skin goes into a natural renewal process, which can’t work effectively if there’s a layer of make-up, dead skin and the day’s dirt on top.

So if like us you’re prone to being a bit slack on the skincare then you’ll love the French pharmacy staple, micellar water. We’d forgive you for assuming micellar water is simply – well – glorified water. You wouldn’t be far wrong either, it sort of is, but they do some pretty magical stuff to your skin.

Weirdly, it’s what’s not in micellar water that makes it so great. They were originally formulated for sensitive skins, so are without harsh chemicals or detergents to irritate and inflame skin - all they contain are tiny micelles (microscopic oil spheres) that are attracted to impurities, dirt and oil (don’t judge them – we all have a type!) and so draw them out of skin and dissolve them without stripping away the good stuff. Even if your skin usually goes into a fit of rage when you try to wash it is left feeling soft and hydrated.

The best bit? They’re as quick to use as face wipes but instead of having to tug at skin and smear dirt all over your face, it melts everything off. You can get away with being as lazy as sin, by just soaking cotton pads and removing it in bed if you have too and it’ll work as well as regular cleansing. Plus there’s no need to wash it off either (another great thing for sensitive skin, as tap water can be very drying) your skin is just as clean as it is after the usual cleanse and rinse. It’s a total game changer.

The even better bit? Powder are testing hundreds now so will have a category up soon so you can find the one for you. Watch this space…

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