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Powder On The Pulse
Is this the most expensive mosituriser EVER?
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Somebody please catch us, we’ve just fallen off our chairs from an email about a new £720 moisturiser. No that isn’t £7.20 – it’s £720. Yes, seven hundred and twenty smackers.

Apart from wondering whether it also does cartwheels, our washing and our jobs for us – we were itching to know what miracles it performs on our face to warrant spending more than our mortgage on it.

Out in October 2016, the new Guerlain Orchidée Impériale Black is a time turner of a moisturiser with cutting edge anti-ageing technology.

Whilst the price might still be a bit steep for most (just a bit), we’re nosy and want to know what’s in this magic tub to justify the price. 

Notably, it is its ability to strengthen skin cells so that they can defend themselves from ageing. Think of the top of the epidermis (the skin's surface) like airport border control - US style. It decides what to let in and what to deport but if this enforcement breaks down, the nasties penetrate the skin and that’s when ageing hits top gear.

What this moisturiser does is keep the skin’s border control as strict and selective as possible, only letting things in that your skin actually needs in the most sophisticated of science.

So even if you don’t buy it, the technology is worth looking out for as cutting edge science like this will eventually filter down to mass-market moisturisers (albeit, a simplified version). Is this the new way to beat ageing? Watch this space… 

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