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The most extreme beauty surgery trend yet
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Hearing about the latest surgery trend has made us want to quit our jobs and leave the country in favour of a life in Tibet, amongst the clouded leopards and giant pandas or any other form of civilization that doesn’t mind that our lower back is sans dimples. Yes that right; the latest trend is ‘back dimple surgery’. As we said, leaving society. Imminently.

Venus dimples or the ‘Barbie back’ is the latest surgery trend, which consists of punching holes in the lower backs to create ‘cute’ dimples. Costing upwards of £5000 (excuse us whilst we choke) they are desirable among a growing number of women because they symbolize good health. Impossible to achieve through exercise (unless you are naturally blessed with them like genetic lottery winners Kendall Jenner, Miranda Kerr or Jessica Ennis-Hill) so if you want them, there is no alternative other than cosmetic surgery. 

To create the dimples, a small cut is made in your lower back on either side of your spine and a tube is inserted in each. Then using liposuction, fat in the area is sucked out through the tubes to sculpt the area into a small dent. Many treatments are ‘walk-in, walk out’ with only a slight tenderness to be expected. However, you may have to wait up to three months before you can see the full effect.

Although initially bemused by this new trend, we have since become even more concerned with our society's obsession with perfection. Are we seriously considering cosmetically altering yet another body part? Are there to be any parts deemed ‘acceptable’ to be natural?

Frankly, we’d rather use the money (if we actually had it) on a breathtaking holiday or a Celine handbag – thoughts? We love a good beauty discussion, tweet us @thisispowder and let us know what you think.

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