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Mother’s Day Gift Guide
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Mum, mummy, mother. Whichever name you anointed her, lets be frank, she deserves a bloody medal. She’s always the one you call up when you’re so far into your overdraft you’re considering selling your organs, she’s the one who wipes your tears when your current relationship is up shit-creek and she’s the one who drops all of her plans to look after your kids so that you can go and queue up outside of H&M to get your hands on a piece from their new designer collaboration. That’s why every year, there’s an allocated day when you have to repay the favour to her – Mother’s Day. Don’t panic, it’s not until Sunday (26th March), so there’s no excuse for not buying her a gift – we’ve given you lots of forewarning.

Here are our recommendations for the best gifts to buy your mum this Mother’s Day


Go on, get her a facial, we bet she’d never book herself in for one. And while you’re at it, you might as well make it a good one, like this Omorovicza one. She’ll travel all the way up to the tenth floor spa at the Four Seasons on London’s Park Lane. It’s got 360° views of London, so she can chuck a bit of sightseeing in while she’s up there. The facial has been developed for a two-week Mother’s Day special and it’s all about repairing and hydrating and includes their famous Hungarian Mud. Niiiice.


You could buy her a Jo Malone fragrance. She’s be so chuffed, she might even shed a tear. But, why not pay her back for the time that you vomited in her living room after too many glasses of prosecco at your work Christmas party? Would it be much more generous and thoughtful to buy her a Jo Malone fragrance with an engraved brightly coloured cap? Course it would. Brownie points if you buy the matching body cream.


If your bank balance doesn’t stretch past £20, do not let this stop you from spoiling the woman who squeezed you out. It is absolutely possible to find a beautiful gift and still get change from a twenty-pound note. These Clarins blushers are stunning and the packaging is covered in hearts, so will ensure she knows that you truly love her. You know, in case there was ever any doubt.


If you told us you that you bathed everyday, we would instantly accuse you of being a liar. Who on earth has the time for that? We imagine your mother feels the exact same as us, so why not encourage her into the bath with sweet smelling bath oils? This Elemental Herbology Mother’s Day Bath Oil Collection has five different scented oils, each representing the five elements. Whoof fancy! She’s gonna LOVE it.


No matter how old your mum is, trust us when we say that she’ll love being called a babe. Hand her this Babe Balm and watch her smile cheekily. The best thing about this product is that it’s multi-purpose. You can use it as a moisturizer, a cleanser, lip balm, cuticle soother – you name it this product probably does it. Well, you probably can’t run a car on it or cook pancakes with it, but you get the picture. Plus it’s 100% natural, which is marvellous.

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