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The nail colours you need for autumn
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Is it just us, or does an ill-advised nail colour look as out of place in autumn (yup, that word made us wince in realisation that summer was officially over too) as a pair of sandals and daisy dukes? We painfully pack away everything else in our wardrobes but the nail polish is nearly always overlooked and yet it really makes a difference.

Today an email pinged into our inboxes explaining that on average we spend a whopping three months of our lives painting our nails, so it’s no wonder we care so much about what colours look good. So we thought we’d have a trade off – as we’re already having a case of separation anxiety with summer we thought we would swap the shades for something more autumnal.

Here’s how we’re shaking it up…

Swap corals for burnt oranges

Bright corals are the default summer shade but when everything takes a turn for the grey, they can look out a little garish. Instead, keep the orange undertone but trade in the coral for a gorgeous burnt orange which warms the skin.

Top tip: For a super luxe finish, apply two coats of topcoat to really lock in the colour. Also, keeping your hands moisturised will make your colour last longer – we always keep a tube of hand cream in our handbag to keep hands happy.

Swap pastels for deeps

Yeah, it’s a wrench, but pastel nails look best in summer because they accentuate a tan – once this starts to fade however, they can look wishy washy. A strong colour looks really striking, particularly on toenails poking out of open-toed boots.

Top tip: Dark shades can be quite tricky to apply so be sure to have a cotton bud soaked in nail polish remover handy to touch up the edges and always wear a base coat to avoid staining.

Swap fluros for frosted

Fluros are always good fun and capture that feel-good holiday vibe. But when we get back to reality (argh, take us back!), switching the bright yellows to a metallic gold makes it much more seasonal and work-appropriate.

Top tip: When nail polish dries it shrinks – if you wrap your nail tip in an extra coat of top coat it will stop the polish coming away from the nail and chipping.

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