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Nail polish is actually GOOD for nails
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There are a few beauty tips you’re given from your Mum or Nan that stick with you. Don’t iron your hair (yeah we ignored that one too), never sleep in your make-up (hmm we were more successful with that one but still guilty) and don’t paint your nails back to back – you have to give them time to breath (weirdly, this one stuck).

So after meeting with MAC Session Nail Technician, Marianne Newman I was surprised to find out it was actually a load of tosh. “They don’t breathe, they haven’t got lungs. They’re dead. Nail polish actually protects them.”

How intriguing. And there was plenty more nail nonsense where that one came from. Nothing, it seems is more farcical than some pieces of nail advice, so we thought we’d share our new found beauty wisdom. Up first:

Myth 1: “Nude suits everyone”
Wrong! They said that about leggings and look how that turned out. “In the same way foundation is matched to skin tone and colour, so should nude nail polish. The best starting point is to actually match it to your foundation shade - so whether it is more pinky or yellow. Although, remember that the skin on your hands will be a slightly different colour to your face so you may need to go a shade darker. Get is right and it will elongate your hands for really elegant, long fingers.” Get it wrong… well let’s not go there.
Myth 2: “I must leave the first coat to dry before applying the second”
Yep, we do the whole blowing on the nails trick too. In fact, “It doesn’t make much difference if you have let the first coat dry for 5 seconds of 5 minutes. As soon as you the second coat of polish is applied, even if you’ve let the first coat dry, the solvents in the polish make the coat underneath wet. The best way to prevent smudging is to drop oil over painted nails and let it run over the surface. This stops the polish from going tacky and sticky.”
Myth 3: “I never use the nail polish testers because I’ll catch something”
That’s me, that’s definitely me. “Bugs don’t live in nail polish. It is full of alcohol and solvents, which keeps it sterile. Germs simply can’t survive in that environment, unlike lipstick testers, which are crawling in them!”
Myth 4: “Always wear rubber gloves when washing up to prevent chips”
“Your nails are 10 times more porous than skin. So water soaks in and expands the nail plate making it break. That’s why people recommend gloves, but actually they make you hands sweat – so although your hands aren’t in water, they soak up the sweat, which is much more disgusting! The best thing you can do is wear nail polish, even just a clear one at all times. This acts as a barrier – far more sanitary than gloves.” We never have any gloves anyway but definitely not buying them now!
So here you have it in writing. Nail polish is always a good thing. ALWAYS.

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