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Is this £4.99 blusher better than a £23 one?
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Welcome back to another week of save vs splurge. If you’re familiar you might already know I’ve been busy testing out the best antioxidant serums, highlighters, lightweight foundations and IPL treatments so far. The aim of the game? To see if I can find a good copy of a cult beauty product that’s a fraction of the price. I’ll then put them both to the test and give you my verdict on whether you should save or splurge. Give me a shout on twitter if you have products you want me to trial @thisispowder.

For this week, I’m testing out blushers. Any beauty fanatic worth their salt knows that NARS are the blusher big guns. The best-selling shade, Orgasm, is such a cult product, that 120 are sold every hour. Everyone loves an Orgasm.

I’m comparing it to Sleek MakeUp’s blusher in shade Rose Gold, which has a reputation for being a pretty good purse-friendly alternative to Orgasm. But is it better than NARS?

The best blusher

Blow-the-budget buy: NARS Blush – Orgasm, £23

Colour: Orgasm is a cool-toned peachy-pink with gold flecks running through it. While it looks daunting in the compact, there is a reason why this suits every single skin tone: it feigns a natural blush, so doesn’t look fake. The shimmer is just enough to give your complexion some pow, without overdoing it.

Pigment: This blended out really beautifully on my skin. The pigment looks quite transparent on the back of your hand (almost like a veil of colour, rather than a pop) and the same applies when it’s on your cheeks too. It has more golden twinkle than pink, so it works well at highlighting and adding a touch of flush to your complexion. It’s buildable if you prefer a stronger colour.

Lasting power: Dare I say it, Orgasm lasts all day – and night. It didn’t fade or separate on my cheeks. Impressive stuff.


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Bargain buy: Sleek MakeUp Blusher in Rose Gold, £4.99

Colour: In the compact, this is remarkably close to the real deal. It has a warm coral-pink hue that’s flecked with golden shimmer. When I applied it to my cheeks, the rosiness stood out brightly, but the sparkle effect just didn’t translate.

Pigment: Very, very strong. On my first try I was quite eager with my brush and ended up applying way too much. You only need to a little dusting, as a little goes a long way.

Lasting power: It wore off quite quickly when I applied it over my foundation, but on bare skin it lasted pretty well. It needs a touch up to keep it looking freshly applied, as it can separate on your cheeks.


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The verdict:

Based on colour alone, Sleek MakeUp’s Rose Gold is a very, very good match against NARS Orgasm. I even played which is which with the rest of the beauty team and they took some time working it out. Ultimately, NARS Orgasm took the crown this week. Not only is the colour lovely, but it’s foolproof thanks to the translucency of the pigment that can be built up to your liking – it’s pretty much goof-proof. The lasting power is also brilliant.

But if you really want a cheap alternative to Orgasm, Rose Gold is a very good alternative. Gram for gram, you actually get more product and the pigment is much stronger. Overall, I’d fork out on NARS just for that lovely shimmer alone. Prepare for the awkward silence when someone asks you how you got that lovely glow.

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