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The beauty industry can be a fickle one; just as soon as one product has been raved about, obsessed over and sold out, it’s old news and lo and behold, a new one takes its place. But that’s all changing now that most of us are becoming more aware of what we’re putting on our faces and, most of all, what’s in the formulas we frequent.

Niche brands, whose focus is more on ingredients that are, say, totally organic or ethically sourced, are starting to steal the limelight; Vintner’s Daughter is one of these brands and it’s got a pretty interesting proposition…

What you need to know

The proposition? Well, Vintner’s Daughter only has one product in its line: the Active Botanical Serum, which has garnered a massive fan base since it launched in 2014. Interesting, considering most brands create and sell at least three products to get their customer hooked, but it does seem to make sense to spend two years (in this case, at least) focusing on one product, making it really bloody good, and getting a bit cult while they’re at it.

And that’s what April Gargiulo, a winery owner, did. A love of all things skincare soon turned into an interest in what was actually in the formulas she was applying to her face and subsequently what they could be doing to her health. She found that there were a whole host of ‘filler’ products that were potentially toxic and decided to get back to basics by exploring the wonderful world of plants.

And that’s where you get an oil serum (which personally I think is actually just an oil) with 22 whole active ingredients, all of which are completely organic, and come from ‘conscious growers’ around the world. I think, added up, that means it’s an oil that’s more clean than it is mean and – importantly – one that really, truly, works. Sold.

What it does

With 22 active ingredients – i.e. they all do something – which is practically unheard of, it really packs a punch when it comes to your skin. While Rose Damascena Absolute helps balance out hormonal skin and Dandelion Leaf helps detoxify, Bergamot peel and Turmeric root brighten up skin – and that’s just four of them. There’s also a whole raft of other raw ingredients that are anti-inflammatory, healing, skin-defending and fine-line reducing and, when blended altogether, they make a huge difference to the quality and texture of your skin. From boosting elasticity, plumpness and overall skin texture to softening fine lines and reducing pigmentation, there ain’t nuffing this won’t do.

Don’t expect huge results over night. Consistency is key with any product, but especially one that contains ingredients like these that work on a deeper level than just the surface. Skin will perk up after using it once, sure, but for true life changing magic, bide your time. Patience is, after all, a virtue.

Where you can get it

The Vintner’s Daughter website, Net-a-Porter, Liberty.

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