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The natural supplement that cures acne
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We’ve often sat and wished for a magic pill that you can pop to give you perfect skin - that and other seemingly impossible things like time travelling so you can buy those shoes you missed out on in the sale, money trees or a date with Fassbender.

Turns out 1 of the 4 is actually possible (sadly, no Fassbender. Sigh). Zinc supplements have been proven to dramatically help calm over-excitable oil glands and become a staple in our health regime. The first thing to know about zinc is that your body doesn’t naturally produce it. You have to get it from diet and supplements. So why take them? Here’s why…

Zinc speeds up the pace wounds and infections heal by encouraging skins natural renewal process. If you’re zinc deficient skin tends to be sluggish and can’t renew itself efficiently. It therefore holds onto dead skin cells, which then clog pores (hello spots!).

It calms down and reduces the amount of oil produced by oil glands. This leaves skin with a naturally matte finish so you can toss the blotters, ladies. Liberating, we tell you!

Zinc is also an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial which helps clear acne by stopping oil turning bacterial which leads to unsightly white heads. Yes there’s still more this little pill of perfection can do -  keep reading…

When hormones are out of sync it sends oil glands into a mass production frenzy. Zinc carries vitamin A, which regulates hormonal imbalance to keep shine under control.

The only slight snag is that zinc can interfere with antibiotics if you’re already taking them for skin reasons. If you are, it’s worth checking with your derm as it can hinder results.

So pop (pun totally intended) down to Holland and Barret now.

If you suffer from oily skin, then finding the right serum to help keep spots at bay is equally as important. So let us help you find your serum...



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