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Never get a streaky tan again
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The lucky sods that get an even fake tan without a single streak are as gifted as those who manage to finish their shampoo and conditioner at the same time. True talent. For the rest of us it’s usually a shoddy job where we are desperately exfoliating off patches the next morning because we were too lazy to scrub pre-tan (we know we should, but it’s such a faff!).

So if you’re sat in the ‘still to reach full potential’ camp we have just the product to elevate you to the ‘prize winners’ (you can thank us later – we like cake). Enter: Kissed by Mii Seriously Smoothing Exfoliating Wipes, £4.95. Think face wipes crossed with exfoliating pads. They have a textured side that feels a bit like a scrub over skin and a smooth side that feels like your average face wipe. The difference is – these are for your body.

Here’s how to use them (trust us, you’ll never look back!):

The prep…

This is hands down the easiest way to exfoliate. Use the rough side of the wipe and rub it over skin – identical to the way you would use a baby wipe at V festival except there is no Calvin Harris in the background. Where is Calvin? Anyhoo, the wipes have cleansing witch hazel (that will shimmy along all the dead skin cells that will make your tan patchy) and soothing aloe to polish skin after it’s been sanded down.

The after…

Fake tan is never going to hang around for long, so to help it back out quietly, use the textured side of the wipe to buff over skin about 4 days after your tan-a-thon. This will ensure the colour fades evenly without a patch or streak in sight.


Streak free tan, even colour and compliments. Lots of compliments.

Not bad for a fiver, right? 

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