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The new lipstick trend everyone can wear
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I’m a lipstick-phobe. Don’t get me wrong, I love a lipstick on other people (quite obsessed with it actually – you want what you can’t have), but when I apply it I seem to look more mischievous four-year old that’s been rooting around in her Mum’s dressing table, than the 50s screen siren. 

But the dark lip trend is showing no sign of slowing down, and as I get more and more overcome by the little green monster every time I see someone else rocking a cool lipstick, maybe it is time.

Here’s how I’m doing it:

Step 1: Chanel once told us to take one thing off before leaving the house and that minimal French chic applies to make-up too. The modern way is to leave your skin completely bare (when we say bare we don’t actually mean no make-up – just the appearance of it!) and your eyes, be brave - mascara free! Tom Pecheux, MAC make-up veteran, explains, 'girls should look the way they are, just uniquely adorned with this very intense lip.’

Step 2: When going for a super dark lip you need to have a really precise shape.  Terry Barber, MAC Director of Makeup Artistry told us to ‘dust off the lip liners, ladies’ backstage as it was time for a ‘proper mouth’. We’re talking very neat and keep in an ultra feminine sweetheart shape.

Step 3: To pick the perfect colour, take a look at your skin tone first. Do you have a yellow undertone or is it pink? If it’s yellow, go for lip colours that have an orangey or warm base. If you have pink undertones, blue-based colours will be the most flattering as they work with the cooler tones in your skin.

So who’s with me? Let’s do this.

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