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This new nail trend from NYFW is too cool
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Whilst we can appreciate them as an art form, there are some Fashion Week beauty trends that are just beyond us in our everyday lives (where the Piccadilly line and Pret sandwiches are the regular). Models wearing tights over their heads, or who have their eyebrows shaved off or are sporting a dodgy wig (every season there’s a rogue wig) are some of said art forms. Quite frankly we couldn’t give a fig if jeweled lips are this seasons ‘thing’, we’d look like a complete plum wearing them.

Something that has left us tiddly with excitement is not so much a trend, but a new beauty technique we saw demonstrated by the masters in action backstage...

At Desigual manicurists were doing ‘ombre nails’ on models and we’re now obsessed. Like hair, ombre is a gentle gradiant of colour and it looks super pretty in a non-offensive sort of way. In other words you could get away with wearing it with a suit to a board meeting.

Here’s how they did it:

  • Start with a base colour (MAC Studio Nail Lacquer in Babysplit was used at the show but you can use anything).
  • Next pick two other shades that either compliment or clash (for the more daring folk among us).
  • Once the base coat is on, use a make-up sponge to dab on the other two shades. Start by blending the first shade from about half way down the nail to the tip, then the second just on the tips like a revved up French manicure.
  • Finish by putting a topcoat over the whole nail.

The result? A tiered nail colour that’s just a bit of fun. Now that is a trend we can get on board with. 

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