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This new tanning innovation sold out in 3 hours
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If you’re a dedicated fake tanner, you’ll know that maintenance is bloody hard work. It’s a repetitive ritual of exfoliation, careful application, basking in the glory of your newly bronzed body, then dying a bit inside when it starts to go patchy. To add insult to injury, you then have to slough away at the stubborn parts that linger on your knees and elbows. Tan admin is no joke guys.

But the days of furious exfoliation are done. The clever clogs at Bondi Sands have created a solution for ridding old tans - the aptly named Self Tan Eraser. It’s been so popular, it completely sold out in Boots in three hours.

So how does it work? You cover yourself in the nifty mousse before showering (a bit like how you would apply your body moisturiser) wait five minutes and then jump under the stream of water. No need to scrub your skin raw with a mitt or body scrub, simply buffing with a flannel will lift the colour. It alters the pH of your skin to swiftly remove any old tan that’s clinging on for dear life, meaning you can save yourself loads of time and start afresh.

If you tan on the reg, then you need this product. It works best on tans that have been on for three days or more and creates the perfect blank canvas for your next one. Or if you’ve made a tanning blunder, you can use this to counteract any surprise streaks. No connoisseur should be without. 

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