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The new way to nail nude make-up
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Springtime is synonymous with a lot of things – blossom, pastels, men flashing their mankles – but in the beauty world it means peeling off the greasepaint. ‘Mimicking the transition we make from heavy, dark winter fashion (hands up if you’ve been wearing navy, grey or black for the last six months?) to something brighter; jumping from foundation to a tinted moisturiser is one of my highlights for spring,’ explains Hannah Martin, Bobbi Brown’s Pro Artist for UK and Ireland.

For many this jump can be daunting. After hiding behind our full coverage foundation all winter, baring our sun-starved skin to the world seems not only daunting, but indecent.

‘Obviously, the coverage is sheerer,’ explains Martin, ‘but the Nude Finish Tinted Moisturizer enables us to achieve a hydrated, colour corrected, natural base, that looks more skin-like than foundation’. Think of it as the ‘fixer’ rather than ‘masker’.

First up in the spring make-up shake up, Martin explains it’s all in the prep…

If your skin is dry… ‘You need to create a definite slip on the skin with oil rich primers like the Bobbi Brown Extra Repair Moisturizing Balm to ensure your skin doesn't drink your make-up and you keep that glow.’

If your skin is pretty balanced… ‘You want to hydrate skin enough so that it’s cushioned and has a slight slip (basically just not matte) so you can blend make-up and it stays looking fresh and dewy.’ 

If your skin is oily… ‘Use an oil-free day cream and primers to help control any excess oil production.’

Now for the good stuff… Hannah Martin takes us through the do’s and don’ts of wearing natural make-up:

DO wear Tinted Moisturizer if you have acne. You wouldn’t think it because it’s so light, but 'Tinted Moisturizer works brilliantly on acne prone skin as it doesn't exacerbate bumpy texture and you can then build coverage over any scars or blemishes.’

DO try this look if you need brightening up. ‘The antioxidant Vitamin E rids skin of dull toxins and protects against sun-giving patchy pigmentation’.

DO apply products with your fingers. ‘The warmth from your hands helps the product melt into your skin.’

DO check out the Bobbi Brown complimentary Makeup Lessons available at every counter. ‘Your artist will hand you a mirror and coach you through every step of the application so you feel confident to recreate the look at home.’

DO still try the Ultimate Nude Look if you have oily skin as the powder blots skin whilst still keeping a bit of glow (read: not shine).

DON’T worry about wear-time. The Bobbi Brown nude look has two steps, applying the Nude Finish Illuminating Powder after the Tinted Moisturizer sets make-up, so it lasts all day.

DON’T worry about the powder drying skin and looking cakey. The Nude Finish Illuminating Powder is pressed when wet, so that when it air dries it keeps the moisture. Clever. Plus, it’s packed with ‘hydrating sodium hyaluronate that stops the powder setting into pores or creases.’

DON’T make the colour mistake. ‘Pale highlighters can look ashy on deeper, warmer skin tones - so stick to bronze tones. Conversely, warmer highlighters can look too dark and therefore not 'glowy' on pale skin tones - so something pink or colourful is more flattering.’

DON’T be put off by the light coverage. ‘If you’re worried, you can top up areas that need it with the Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick. You'll conceal any bits you don't like without using a heavier foundation over the areas that don't need concealing’. 

Go #UltimateNude with the new The Nude Finish Collection from @BobbiBrownUK, and then hands up who’s feeling one step closer to summer…

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