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Why not try…super speedy hair colouring
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Picture this – you’ve just been asked to a party that will down in history as the best bash you’ll ever go to. There’ll be excellent music, delicious drinks and well-dressed people. Oh, and you’ve told your ex might make an appearance. Trouble is, the party is tomorrow and you haven’t had your highlights done in over two months. You call the salon and nothing – no appointments for two weeks. This is when you should pick up your phone again and dial Neville’s and book in for their new Instant Blonde treatment.

What is it?

An innovative, and more importantly speedy, new way of highlighting hair that uses a heated tool, which looks an awful lot like a pair of straighteners.

What’s the process?

It was kind of like how I normally have my highlights done – there are strips of foils (special ones that can handle the heat) and the dye is painted on with one of those funny little hairdresser brushes. But that’s where the similarities end, because then my colourist (and a few assistants – perfection takes man power, people) grabs the heated iron and glides it over each foil for 30 seconds. The tool reaches a whopping 140°C, which speeds up the lightening process, so I didn’t have to sit there for hours reading Hello magazine waiting to go blonde. Instead, I got my colour refreshed in my lunch break. Be aware, because of the heat they can’t get too close to your scalp, so this isn’t a direct alternative for your normal colour appointment if you’re worried about roots.

The results?

Super-duper light and bright hair in an hour. An hour. This has got to be the future of colour.

The details?

Ask for Kelly - she's cracking with colour.

Price starts from £130 at Neville Hair & Beauty 5 Pont St, Belgravia, London SW1X 9EJ.

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