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The next best thing to a Kylie Jenner Lip Kit
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Love her or hate her, you probably have a better chance of winning an Olympic gold medal than getting your paws on one of Kylie Jenner’s infamous Lip Kits. That said, we rather think rhythmic gymnastics and taekwondo are beyond us, so we’ve opted for the next best thing – Too Faced Melted Matte Lipstick, £15.

If we blind-tested you’d assume it was indeed one of Kylie’s. If anything, this one is slightly creamier and melts over lips. There is not so much as a scrap of shine – it’s matter than matte, but not in a dry, flakey way. Lips feel balmy soft and won’t crack either (the added avocado oil will do that).  

You’ll also get a KJ plump pout too (minus the needles) as the added hylauronic filling spheres flood lips with moisture so they appear fuller. There’s a much bigger shade range too – shock horror the best selling shade is super close to the actually sold out ‘Ginger’ Lip Kit, while ‘Lady Balls’ is a dead ringer for ‘Mary Jo K’. Then there are 14 other shades to choose from too.   


Here are five times when this pout will come in handy:

  • The girl who got the promotion instead of you starts her new role today and you want to show her who’s boss at something.
  • You’re on the tube and the boy who blew you off after three dates walks past and you need work it gurrrrl.
  • Snapchat’s filter is a lip selfie where rainbows spew out of your mouth and unicorns dance around your head. Epic.
  • You’re so hungover you’ve contemplated eating a tin of baked beans (cold) and you need to be at your desk in an hour. A bright lip colour will detract from those dark circles.
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