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If there ever comes a day when you need to wrap someone around your little finger and GET WHAT YOU WANT, then let it be a day you wear a bold, bright lipstick. In my experience, a lick of the good stuff on lips will have anyone in proximity eating out of the palm of your hand, such is its ability to whiten a smile, brighten the skin and fill with confidence. And, with National Lipstick Day coming up (next Saturday, July 29th) I thought it was high time I introduced you to a great new lipstick brand and it goes by the name of Ainsel.


Once upon a time – in the old days – ‘ainsel’ meant ‘myself’ which is exactly what this London-based brand is about: celebrating being who you are and getting on board with that old self-love chestnut. It’s made by girls, for girls and what could be better than a little female community spirit? They describe themselves as a ‘millennial’ brand, which is made obvious by their love of an emoji and a penchant for fun illustration.


The formulas are uniformly brilliant. They deliver a really intense pigment – i.e. strong, bold colour – without feeling dry or falling into cracks in your lips. And while they don’t stay put through thick and thin, their longevity levels aren’t bad either, and it’s actually worth trading off the longevity for the level of comfort you get.

Each of the eight lipsticks currently on offer (word is that they’re expanding the line in the near future) is named after an item of clothing, along with a hashtag because, of course … millennial. And, really, the colour you go for depends on your coloring. The ones below are my personal favourites and those that will work for most skin tones.

#PENCILSKIRT – The sexy secretary of the line, this is a hot blue-based red which will suit every skin tone, no matter how pale, olive or dark you are. It’s a classic too, especially when worn with minimal makeup and a lick of mascara.

#KIMONO – A plummy pink that’s perfect for a laidback look. I’d dab this one onto lips (and even cheeks) with my fingers – it takes the intensity of colour down and leaves a rosy glow.

#WHITETEE – Well, everyone needs a white tee in their arsenal and this is the lipstick equivalent. It’s as close to nude as the range gets but with a warm, brown tint. If you’ve got green eyes or dark skin, this is your ultimate winner.


None other than the Ainsel website.

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