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No blowdry blowdry
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Usually when we get wind of a new hair trend we brace ourselves for the hours of training to learn how to master the damn thing (remember the French roll chignon craze?!). This one though is meant to look like you haven’t tried at all (and no, it’s not like the other ‘effortless’ beauty looks that in reality are anything but).

The ‘no blowdry blowdry’ gives you the loose waves you wish your hair dried to naturally. Think super chic Parisian style or ‘just back from a country walk’ look. It’s not too ‘done’ or polished but it’s not disheveled either. The best bit is it gets better the longer you leave it – unlike a bouncy Chelsea blowdry that drops before you’ve even paid, this one gets more textured and natural looking by the hour.

Here’s the Powder guide on how to master it in less than 10 minutes:

Step one: Typically hair styling holds better when it’s done on the second day but you need clean hair for this to get the free movement.

Step two: If you need volume, spray some texturising spray (or hairspray if you don’t have any) into the roots and rough dry. If you want the look as natural as possible skip product altogether and just massage the roots as you blowdry to lift the hair.

Step three: Keep flipping you hair forward to dry the underneath and then the back to add volume (it will look at bit frizz-tastic at this point but bear with…)

Step four: Brush just the top of your hair to smooth but keep the volume underneath. Then just grab strands and tong the mid lengths leaving the ends straighter. There is no neat way of doing this but take a thicker chunk than you normally would tong to get looser curls.

Step five: Spray some hairspray or texturising spray on the ends and crunch them up to the mid-lengths – this will loosen the curls into waves that will look more natural. You can spray more hairspray on to set, but it looks best if you keep the hair soft and able to move.

That’s all there is too it – we’re hoping this no blowdry blowdry malarkey hangs around – we like the simple things in life.

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