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Oh, so THIS is the secret to frizz-free hair
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Trust us when we say we’ve tried just about everything to tame frizz, we mean everything. From doing a cold water rinse at the end of our shower to blasting hair with cold air (brutal but it does work until you step outside in the misty rain and things take a turn to the wild side) or rubbing hand cream through the ends. The most recent trick we tried was slathering on mayonnaise as conditioner, which supposedly softens hair to tackle that fluffy halo. So after spending weeks smelling like a condiment and still pulling a ‘Monica in Barbados’ circa 2003, we’re desperate for a solution to fight the frizz.

Step forward: Awapuhi MirrorSmooth High Gloss Primer. Still relatively unknown, the range was co-founded by Paul Mitchell in the ‘80s after he spotted women in Hawaii using the juice from a red flower (awapuhi) as a shampoo. Their hair looked mighty frizz-free and full of shine and luckily for us, he bottled it. Even better than that, he’s made it a primer. We’re used to slathering a primer on our faces, and the hair alternative does pretty much the same job; protects, stops any harmful damage and brightens.

The way the nifty Awapuhi MirrorSmooth High Gloss Primer works is by flattening down cuticles (you’ll probably know them as the fly-away, wispy bits) so they’re clamped to the hair shaft, whilst the added protein is a bit like the seatbelt that locks them down by strengthening the hair. Plus when hair sits flat, it can reflect more light that amps up the shine-o-meter reading.  It also has a handy amount of Abyssinian oil (ultra light oil and not tacky feeling) which wraps hair in a shield – remember it’s not just curling tongs and straighteners that frazzle hair into a frizz (the sun does it too) so by priming hair first you stop the ‘fro coming along.

As well as a primer, try these handy tips:

  • Rather than rubbing hair dry with a towel, try a t-shirt as the fibre is much softer on hair and won’t back-brush the wispy bits.
  • Try switching up your pillowcases for silk ones – like the t-shirt, the fabric is much softer so won’t ruffle hair as you toss and turn.
  • Always always always comb hair wet not dry. Stick a note on your hairbrush if you have too.

To get your hands on the Awapuhi MirrorSmooth High Gloss Primer or to find out more about the range click right here.

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