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You’ve made the decision. It’s all set. You’re growing out your hair. Now let the hard work commence…

This will take as much motivation, patience and self control as getting through a month on the 5:2 diet (it’s emotional). Coping strategies we’ve found work are blocking Blake Lively on Instagram (hair that good is agonizing), pinning quotes around your mirror like ‘winners never quit’ and ‘be like a postage stamp, stick to a thing until you get there’ and changing your salon's name in your phone book to 'BE STONG, BE A MERMAID'.

On a beauty note - while we know about techniques such as massaging in shampoo to the roots to stimulate hair growth, using cleansing shampoos to exfoliate the scalp and going easy on the straighteners – there is one thing that's often overlooked. Caring for the tips of your hair.

Hair will naturally break, which is when you get to that stubborn, won’t-grow-any-more length. Enter: The new Aveda Damage Remedy Split End Repair Serum. It repairs and strengthens split ends by gluing the break back together.

Apply a pea-sized blob to dry hair (very important – wet hair not only dilutes the product but its cuticles are already closed. It’s the drying process that opens them). Then work it (really work it) into the hair and through the broken or split ends as the more you do it, the more you'll push the product into your cuticles to glue them down.

When the ends are stronger and healthier, hair will last past the stubborn shoulder length stage and actually grow. That said, a double-pronged attack is key – you need to focus on hair as a whole. Not just the roots or the tips, but everything in between. Happy hair will grow the longest. 

Mermaid hair will be ours (be patient, you can do it!). 

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