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If you’re anything like us, cleansing routines tend to slack over the winter period, because all you want to do is jump straight into a warm bed after a long day. Our carefully executed cleanse, tone and moisturise regime is replaced with a swift sweep of a face-wipe (if that) leaving skin looking less than its perky best.

Your skincare routine is exceptionally important for young skin. Skin in it’s twenties and early 30’s might bounce back quickly, but lack of hydration, particularly around the eye area that’s 10x thinner than anywhere else on your face, will trigger ageing much quicker.

We know, we know, eye creams seem a bit of a faff (especially when you can’t actually see any wrinkles yet per se). Instead, we’ve found a little short cut so you still get all the benefits of one, but don’t have to remember to use it every day.

Enter the brand spanking new Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye Mask - your weekly power-up that you apply once a week to keep eyes puff and wrinkle free. They’re crescent moon shaped pads that you pop under your eyes and leave for about 10 minutes. We tend to apply straight out the shower and leave whilst you get ready, then peel off just before applying make-up. (Handy tip: Keep in the fridge for an extra cooling feel.) You might still feel like you’re dragging yourself from a Christmas coma, but you certainly won’t look it.   

Here’s why we’re choosing mask over moisturise in 2017:

1. It delivers 20x more goodness than the cream – masks are much more concentrated. The added rice bran draws in moisture (a bit like when you put your wet mobile phone in rice to soaks up water) – then the hylauronic acid works like a dam to hold the water in for up to eight hours.   

2. The pads don’t sit soaking in the packet – they’re actually dry. The serum sits in its own chamber and only mixes with the masks when you massage the packet, forcing the liquid into the pads. This stops the pad over absorbing product – because the eye area is so fragile, applying too much product can be just as damaging as not applying any.

3. You can try a mask for a tenner unlike having to commit to a whole tub of eye cream. 

Here's to good skin.

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