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The only product you need to stop eyeshadow creasing
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Oily eyelids? Me too. I spent countless years applying taupe for day and deep, smudgy browns for night and even more time regretting ever having touched the stuff.

One revolutionary day I came across the Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base and all that changed. So consider this my ode to the best primer that ever blessed my makeup bag. Unlike the myriad of flesh-coloured ones in pots or those that act like they’re a casual gel – I’ve tried them all - this one really does work.

It’s a gloopy, white paste that essentially acts as an eyeshadow glue on your lids. With it you can wear shadow in sweltering thirty degree heat (I have), when you’re melting on the tube in summer (I have) or when you’re deep sea diving (this summer, watch this space). There's no two ways around it - it works.

And, because it’s white, it helps amp up the intensity of whatever colour you’re putting on top of it. Be warned: only put it where you’ll apply eyeshadow; otherwise, you risk seeing a very faint white wash on your brow bone. I apply a little bit of the formula from the wand directly onto my eyelids and then use my finger to blend.

So there you have it, the only product you'll ever need for perfect eyeshadow. And for your undereyes...

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