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The only supplements worth bothering with in 2017
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New year, new you. Or so you try to tell yourself. The reality is you’re already sick of the gym, had a cheeky glass of wine and the diet… what diet? You’re our kinda woman! Something that will make you feel like one of the smug overachievers, with their green juices after their 5k run, is upping your supplement intake.  

Not a complete cop out – they aren’t to be taken instead of healthy eating but as a well, supplement to it. The tricky bit is finding which ones are actually worth it. Lucky for you’ve, we’ve done the hard work. This is all you need…

For your gut


Raved about by IBS and dairy intolerance sufferers, it’s a water-based probiotic (most are frozen which means they take a while to get kicking – water based have live bacteria so it’s ready to go as soon as it hits your stomach). This allows the bacteria to pass through the stomach and into the gut to level out digestion.

For hair

Viviscal Women's Max strength supplements

AKA the king of hair supplements. Rave reviews and general hysteria follow these wherever they go. Packed with protein and zinc lengthen the hair cycle (from growth to drop out) by working like a protein shake to bulk up strands so hair doesn’t get weak and wispy. Perfect for hair that’s follically challenged or if you just want rapid hair growth.

For tanning


One a day is all you need. Couple of things worth noting – you have to start taking them about a month before you go on holiday (it takes time for the melanin to build up) and then you need to continue taking them throughout your holiday. Skin not only tans faster but deeper too.

For tone

Bodyism Berry Burn Supplement 

Jam-packed with anti-oxidant rich acai berries, which metabolise fat to generate more energy. Take before a workout to speed up the fat burning process, plus it’s also an anti-inflammatory so you won’t ache so much the next day. Winner!

For sleep

RelaxOn with 5HTP 

If you suffer from sleep loss, you’ve probably tried just about every trick in the book. But if you don’t want to go down the route of the heavy prescription drugs, this comes highly recommended. Mineral magnesium regulates the nervous system by calming the brain. It also stimulates the ‘happy hormone’ serotonin to aid a peaceful sleep. 

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