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> Davines, a family-owned brand bursting at the seams with fantastic haircare.

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Some people say that shampoo is shampoo is shampoo - an opinion of someone who either a) was born with inexplicably good hair genes or b) has never used a really, very good shampoo before. Most people sit in the latter category. Once you’ve experienced the shine, softness and bounce of freshly washed-in-great-shampoo hair, you won’t look back. Which brings me onto Davines, a family-owned brand bursting at the seams with fantastic haircare.

You might have heard of it before – it’s certainly not new – as the brand began selling products to the public in the 90s. Before that, they were a research lab that created luxurious formulas for other high-end brands. Now they're 20 years down the line, huge in the States and in the bathroom of those in the know here in the UK. And it’s brilliant. They sell everything you need for healthy hair, including conditioner, shampoo, masks, and styling products. The full shebang.

Each subset of products in the line is defined by a specific hair characteristic. Hair that's been subjected to years and years of dye or bleach, at breaking point and feels a bit sad needs the Nounou range. Packed with hair strengthening proteins and carbohydrates, because hair needs to eat too. If your hair is dehydrated and in need of a drink, opt for the vitamin and mineral-rich Momo range. Are you a curly girl? You’ll find the Love range, which boosts elasticity, will put the spring back into those sprials. We could go on, there are loads more.

What initially attracted me to the brand, before I’d actually tried it, was the super minimal packaging and the whiff of summer. The beauty of Davines is that they use natural ingredients where possible – which smell great - and in each formula is a little piece of a plant, flower or herb extract handpicked on an Italian farm. The Nounou range contains a special baby tomato (specifically the Torre Guaceto Fiaschetto tomato if you’re a tomato expert) that’s come directly from Mr Mario di Latte’s farm in Brindisi. How fab is that?! Yes, he’s a real guy with real tomatoes. That kind of detail is as heartwarming as it is fun and the brand aim to support local agricultural communities and protect the farming traditions that often go disregarded nowadays.

All the formulas are gentle too; they’re sulphate free which makes them great for all hair types, even those in dire straits, and they give a noticeable healthy shine to hair. Over time, you’ll find that your hair will get longer, stronger and more manageable; all while you bask in the delights of shampoo that literally smells amazing. My favourite is the Momo, with its Yellow Melon extract, as it’s green and smells like holidays. And, when you’re finished, the packaging is biodegradable too, so recycle away.

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