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Is organic skincare actually better for sensitive skin?
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This morning I was sat on the tube on my way back from an organic skincare launch, staring at the woman opposite me (in a non-creepy way - promise) who was wearing what looked like a silk nightie as a dress, had pink scruffy hair - but in that organised way - and had a nose piercing. Apart from wondering how she managed to get her black eyeliner in such symmetrical flicks, I thought this girl would love the new natural moisturiser I’ve just been given in the biodegradable cardboard bag. Yep, I’m shamelessly stereotyping. A hippy loves organic skincare. Obviously. I may as well just come out and say it, I’m sure she hugs trees for a living and has a pet cactus.

I am not however, on my own with all of these totally irrelevant conclusions – organic skincare does have this ethereal stigma attached to it. It’s the sort of stuff you would put in your bath because it smells nice but something to slather on inflamed sensitive skin or wrinkles? Pass us the serious stuff!

Sarah Brown the founder of Pai Organic Skincare springs to it's defense, ‘Organic beauty has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years - it’s an urban beauty myth that formulating to certified organic standard is “restrictive” or can’t deliver high performance products. We’re testing out cutting edge formulation techniques and breakthrough ingredients that not only help soothe skin but are also a total joy to use and, most importantly, they work!’

Aiming to prove that for myself, I’ve got a whole Pai Skincare revamp and given myself a month to test it out. Stocked up on naturals, here’s what I found:

Week 1

We say: Skin didn’t feel as tight after cleansing.

Sarah says: The only reason skin would feel tight after cleansing is because it’s really dry and the product you’ve just washed off has stripped your skin of all it’s natural oils. This then makes skin even more sensitive – Pai doesn’t have any alcohol in it (usually a preservative for organic), which is incredibly irritating for sensitive skin which is why skin feels so much softer. 

Week 2

We say: Noticed my moisturiser didn’t burn as much when applied.

Sarah says: Synthetics, harsh preservatives, detergents and artificial fragrance aren’t a friend to sensitive skin – organic doesn’t have any of those nasties, which is why they get on so much better. Strengthening the skin barrier in this way makes it more resilient to sensitivity.

Week 3

We say: My acne scarring had started to fade – A LOT! It looks like it might stain the carpet but the luminous orange Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil sinks in super fast so it’s easy to control. It doesn’t need the certified organic sticker - the pretty pungent plant smell is enough evidence but that disappears after a couple of seconds. Everyone knows how amazing rosehip is at evening skin tone but in an oil form, it can get deeper into skin to spark the natural healing process. It does have a pretty pungent plant smell but that goes after a couple of seconds.

Week 4

We say: It was just more enjoyable to use than bland mainstream brands. It was more sensory - they smelt amazing, felt amazing and above all worked amazingly. What’s not to love about that?

Note - they’re not just for your bath – these can compete with the big boys! 

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